Friday, April 25, 2014

Does the Refresh App Hold Promise for Prospect Research?

Finding new potential donors is a large part of what we do as prospect researchers, but we are also called to prepare leadership for meetings with prospects. I just read an article about a new app, called Refresh, might just help in this regard. Basically, the app finds what it can through social media and then provides a bit of context for it. For example, it might present the schedule for the Baltimore Orioles if your prospect is a fan. While the concept is new and the risk for incorrect or irrelevant connections is high, I can only imagine the promise of this technology in the future. Do you think it has a place in prospect research?

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  1. This short Internet Privacy Prank video was linked on Prospect-L a few weeks ago as a humorous yet cautionary warning about providing some fundraisers with too much information prior to a first meeting. It applies to Refresh in spades, IMHO: