Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resources for Finding Physician Compensation

In estimating a prospect’s gift capacity, having a good sense of his/her compensation range is very important. Many industries offer resources that can help you gain a better picture of estimated compensation, and I am always excited to learn of new resources!

For physician compensation, I like to use Merritt Hawkins. They post physician job postings on their website, complete with salary ranges. I typically use this and cross-check it against Cejka (a popular resource among my colleagues), and the two are almost always comparable. Look to the far right side of the web page, where you can search job postings by specialty. You can also search by region, but I usually include all regions in the initial search – the results include a column with the region listed, and this way you pull all the postings in the selected specialty.  The trick is needing salary info for a position that is currently posted…

What compensation resources do you use for other industries?

Caroline Rossini, Treasurer, APRA MidSouth


  1. These are two great resources! I'd also like to suggest Medscape - there's a free 2012 Physician Compensation Report available publicly. If you register on their site (free) you can also search for compensation reports by medical specialty. Thanks for a great post, Caroline!

  2. Thank you so much for the recommendation, Helen. I'll check it out!