Monday, November 12, 2012

The Big Picture: Takeaways from APRA Advanced Relationship Management Symposium

The symposium was a success! The speakers did a great job of providing a variety of topics within relationship management. Some of the topics included evaluating prospect management policies, using data analytics to evaluate prospect management, and partnering strategically with fundraisers for prospect management to be a part of the process. Here are some observations that are fresh in my mind:
  • If the current prospect management policy is not working, then it’s time to revisit and update the current policy. Updating the policy can be tedious and time consuming, but a more efficient process will make an impact on the organization.
  • Let the needs of leadership drive what is reported from prospect management. Keep fundraisers in the know of what is being measured and reported.
  • Use data analytics to determine moves management requirements. Look at how many visits it takes before a prospect makes a major gift or look at the average length of time between assignment and solicitation.
  • Let your database and technology work for you v. you working around the technology.
  • The big picture: Regardless of your role in prospect research, prospect management, or both; success comes from working well together. Remind development officers that the role of prospect management is to keep them on track with their metrics and fundraising for the organization. Prospect management is an ally.
  • Use your network. There are many other organizations asking the same questions and trying to improve the role of prospect management. Ask your peers to see what their challenges and successes are. We can learn from one another.

Melissa Sridaromont, Secretary, APRA MidSouth


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  2. Great synopsis. My takeaways were many of the same, plus this can of plan can work for all size shops...whether you are a blend of prospect research & management or whether the departments are separate, plus engage and meet face to face with development officers so that they understand you are member of their team, cheering them on to success and the implementation of simple tools can only lead to success. If they succeed, you do too!