Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

When researching a prospect, I often look first for real estate assets.  I search to find how many homes, vacation homes, or condominiums a prospects owns.  Occasionally I find that a prospect owns numerous acres of land or a ranch in another state.  One real estate source that highlights these hefty land owners and
large tracts of land is The Land Report.  

As a visual person, I have a great appreciation for this resource.  The publication provides news, information, and photos on American land and land owners.  The source highlights noteworthy sales of land, farms, and ranches, and it includes upcoming auctions of large lots of land.  The monthly newsletters include a list of the top ten rural land listings.  It is a helpful resource to keep up with current trends outside of residential holdings.  

The Land Report website allows you to look at back issues of the publication.  Each year the publication updates a list of the top 100 landowners in the country.  The leader of the 2011 list is John Malone, who owns 2,200,000 acres of land.  I am still amazed by that number.  

Melissa Sridaromont, Secretary, APRA MidSouth

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great resource. I receive so few prospects that have enough land interests to fall in the top 100, but one never knows when that prospect will surface. Here's hoping I have a prospect soon that has over 2 million acres!