Thursday, September 15, 2011

America’s Best Small Companies in 2010

Meet the top 20 on Forbes’ list of publicly traded firms with sales under $1 billion
Believe it or not, there is growth in this economy! These companies range from health care and mobile phones to consumer goods such as kitchen stoves and denim jeans. While many of the names may not be familiar, these competitors have experienced remarkable growth over the last challenging five-year stretch.

Candidates for the list had to be publicly traded for at least a year, pull in annual revenue between $5 Million and $1 Billion, and have a stock price no lower than $5 a share.

Are you looking to add new prospects to your organization’s fundraising portfolio? These might be a few great places to start mining! A few of these firms are based in the South.

20. LoopNet (Commercial Real Estate, Sales:  $75 Million)
19. Capella Education (Online Education, Sales: $385 Million)
18. Hittite Microwave (Semiconductors, Sales: $200 Million)
17. Dolby Laboratories (Audio Technology; Sales:  $859 Million)
16. iRobot (Appliances; Sales:  $373 Million)
15. Tempur-Pedic International (Mattresses; Sales:  $986 Million)
14. Strayer Education (School; Sales:  $579 Million)
13. GeoResources (Oil and Gas; Sales:  $98 Million)
12. UFP Technologies (Containers and Packaging; $115 Million)
11. Rackspace Hosting (Computer Services; $698 Million)
10. Transcend Services (Medical Transcription; Sales:  $84 Million)
9. True Religion Apparel (Clothing; Sales:  $353 Million)
8. Industrial Services of America (Waste Management; Sales:  $285 Million) – based in Louisville, KY
7. National Presto Industries (Conglomerate; Sales:  $491 Million)
6. NutriSystem (Weight-loss Program; Sales:  $534 Million)
5. WebMD Health (Medical Website; Sales:  $480 Million)
4. Deckers Outdoor (Footwear; Sales:  $869 Million)
3. American Public Education (Online Education; Sales:   $174 Million)
2. InterDigital (Telecommunications; Sales:  $359 Million)
1. Medifast (Weight-loss Supplements; Sales $218 Million)

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