Thursday, May 26, 2011

Research Catalog: APRA MidSouth Presents an Exciting New Resource for Members

APRA MidSouth is pleased to announce the latest benefit for its members, an extensive resource catalog containing insight on over 80 fantastic free internet resources to aid and assist prospect researchers and development offices.

A prospect researchers dream come true, this meticulous catalog covers everything from corporations and stock holdings to real estate information and philanthropic giving histories.  This guide was compiled by a series of seasoned researchers and is a wonderful compliment to any shop or individual seeking to expand their research capacity without engaging in various subscription fees or to simply enhance their online resource pool.  In essence, it's making the most of your budget and the pantheon of content that is offered by the world wide web.  Here's a sample of what this catalog contains:

This is a mere sample of the actual catalog and one of the many perspectives and resources that can be gained by joining APRA MidSouth. 

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